Our Apps


School Enhanced Registration And Performance Information Network Administration (SERAPINA) is a school system that targets to automate the enrollment, grades computation and other tasks of teachers and students. This system can handle different curricula specially the newly implemented K-12 curriculum. This is an in-house project created by CollabUX Web Solutions, Co. If you are interested on this project, you can contact us for more details.

Website: https://school.serapina.com/


Mafindoor is Philippine’s first indoor mapping app that will help you search stores inside malls.  Easily find your favorite store, spa, restaurant, and shop among others.

Website: http://mafindoor.com/


EasySuki is a local grocery delivery application. Easily buy groceries through EasySuki. You can now shop grocery items without leaving your home and have it delivered same day. We are only servicing selected barangays of Legazpi City and Daraga Albay, Philippines for now.